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PFDA Architects, Inc. is committed to providing turn-key architectural services and efficient project management through the utilization of state-of-the-art technology. The firm’s drawing and design production capabilities are fully integrated with in-house operations, including telecommunications, internet access, word-processing and accounting systems. This integration allows for electronic interaction with clients, consultants and project team members, providing access to electronic data, files, and resources

PFDA Architects, Inc. provides a full range of services in-house:


                  Land/Site Planning

                  Code Research and Entitlement Services

                  Facility Programming

                  Architectural Design

                  Renovation, Retrofit and Restoration Design

                  Construction Drawings and Specifications

                  Building Permit Processing

                  Bidding and Construction Phase Administration

                  Architectural Renderings

                  Site Lighting Design

                  ADA Compliance Design

                  Sign and Graphic Design


PFDA also offers the following services utilizing Consultants with whom we have a long-standing relationship:


                  Civil Engineering

                  Structural Engineering

                  Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

                  Environmental Engineering

                  Landscape Design

                  Interior Design

                  Acoustical Design

                  Specialty Lighting Design

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